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February 24, 2017

I had a very interesting experience recently. My home internet service went down and despite doing all the usual- unplug the modem, powering off the computer, – nothing worked. I did a quick check on Twitter – no there was no major outage of my broadband carrier. Now out of options, I dug up their number and called them.  After going through the usual palaver of inputting everything but my shoe size, I finally got to speak to a human.

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She was a delight. She talked me through several other possible solutions and after about 10 minutes we had found a resolution to the problem. Not only was I thrilled to be connected again, I also now knew a few more tricks, or how-to’s should this ever happen again. In short, not only did she help get me back online, she had also, in those few short minutes, given me some extremely useful training in their product and impressed me with her knowledge.

This got me thinking. What a great service for all businesses to offer. Not only did I receive excellent customer service, I also feel so confident in the brand and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, something I rarely do. Market share competition is so fierce companies struggle to differentiate themselves, but simply offering training to customers might just be the ticket. The ‘it’ factor that associates your brand with excellence.

Teach customers how to use your products, guide them through the services available and provide them with the learning that sets them up for success. The benefits are numerous – increased customer retention, reduction in customer support enquiries, and by helping buyers gain value from your product more quickly, it could spark an increase in sales with minimal effort from your sales team.

In our industry, providing training to channel partners, can help them ‘pass it on’ as it were. Now everyone is rising above the market norm, increasing both the value of the product and as a consequence the value of your brand.

So, it’s a win-win for everyone. Back to my situation, I know I was very happy to be back online, and was very happy to overlook the inconvenience the disrupted service caused.

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