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February 19, 2018

Imagining Change. How Moving to SumTotal Learn Helped Further the Ricoh Company Promise.


Ricoh Asia Pacific conducts business guided by the principles of its founder, Kiyoshi Ichimura and his Spirit of Three Loves: Love your neighbour, love your country, and love your work. By enacting and adhering to this noble tradition, Ricoh Asia Pacific continues to provide and serve their customers with the innovative technologies that empower the workplace and deliver true customer value.

It is a philosophy Ricoh Asia Pacific applies equally, encouraging the talents of their people – a philosophy perhaps best encapsulated in the Ricoh Company tagline: imagine. change. Indeed it is a conviction that sees real value placed in the training and development of employees, which is why in 2015 Ricoh Asia Pacific decided that if such opportunities were to be truly available, they needed to provide a more comprehensive way to deliver their media-rich, custom learning content.

They needed a robust, powerful, and flexible Learning Management System (LMS).

Ricoh Asia Pacific and Skillsoft had worked together since 2001, but it was Skillsoft’s acquisition of SumTotal that provided the perfect solution. Now with SumTotal Learn they had this sophisticated LMS and more. SumTotal’s enterprise-scale LMS not only could significantly enhance Ricoh Asia Pacific’s reporting abilities, introduce world-class mobile access, and increase their hosting capacity, it would also greatly reduce the burden of administration on their team. Moreover, since Ricoh Asia Pacific deployed SumTotal Learn as Software-as-a-Service, it would allow them to stay on the latest release of the application and thereby avoid costly upgrades and maintenance.

Further sweetening the deal was that, in addition to the LMS, Ricoh Asia Pacific also engaged Skillsoft’s specialized learning consultants to conduct an in-depth analysis of their business needs. This resulted in two supporting pieces of work – a learning strategy blueprint to guide the direction of learning across the business, and a blended learning program for sales, incorporating Ricoh Asia Pacific’s custom-designed eLearning modules for company-specific learning and a carefully curated set of online learning resources from Skillsoft.

In sales alone, the impact of this new relationship between Skillsoft, SumTotal and Ricoh Asia Pacific was immediately apparent. Selling the Ricoh Value was rolled out to over 1,500 employees and immediately this has led to a dramatic increase in the number of recipients of the regionally recognized Selling the Ricoh Value Gold Certification.

The migration to SumTotal Learn has been an overwhelming success. With this one change, Ricoh Asia Pacific employees now have access to learning opportunities regardless of where in the world they are, what language they use, or what area of the business they work in.

Now progress and the continued evolution of Ricoh’s products and services is limited only by imagination.

October 20, 2016

DP World’s search for an LMS Uncovers a Talent Management Solution

DP World is a key player in the global supply chain, with 77 marine and inland terminals across 6 continents. To maintain a competitive positon and continue providing clients with the service that has earned DP World a great reputation internationally, the company relies on its 37,000 employees. Employees who have chosen DP World because they understand that the company ethos, “Creating the Future Now,” applies as much to how the organization operates as a business, as to how managers treat their talent. With DP World, staff can expect personal development and career opportunities that guarantee an enriching and rewarding future.

SumTotal at CLO Symposium

Ensuring that DP World’s professional development programs met such expectations was beginning to prove challenging. Geographical, language and time barriers meant traditionally delivered methods such as face-to-face training were no longer viable options.

After reviewing the situation, DP World decided that the best resolution was to introduce an LMS into the company. But it wasn’t as simple as that. They wanted a LMS that not only looked good, was cost effective, and could be easily customised to reflect the DP World brand, but—perhaps most importantly—the company was in search of one all-encompassing learning and talent solution.

DP World soon discovered SumTotal could provide this unified solution. The two partnered on what became DP World’s “single biggest IT project in terms of numbers using the system.” Known internally as iLearn, the system incorporates iPerform and iCareer, allowing DP World to offer over 100 courses and manage everything from professional development to end of year bonuses and complete succession planning. All with one easy to use system.

Once introduced, the results were phenomenal. DP World realized an immediate 80% increase in course completion rate. HR staff now plan to roll out iLearn to even bigger numbers.

DP World staff were also impressed with the connection they established with SumTotal. In an interview, Shanavas Koya, Head of Human Capital Projects, DP World, acknowledged the relationship with SumTotal as “a true partnership” and a huge contributing factor in the success of the programme.

Watch this video to learn more about the partnership and DP World’s great results.