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Talent Acquisition Takeaways from HR Tech

October 18, 2016

The dust has finally settled after HR Tech, one of our industry’s biggest events, and I’ve had time to reflect on some of the recurring themes from the sessions I attended on talent acquisition. The way organizations identify and attract qualified applicants is going through a profound shift… and technology can be a huge differentiator for businesses who want to adapt to the realities of the new job search.

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People finding jobs vs. jobs finding people

Right now there is a big shift in how candidates look for jobs: We are moving away from people finding jobs to jobs finding people. Organizations can’t just “post and pray” if they want to stay competitive and find the workers that can help them achieve their business goals. Social tools, assessments, video interviewing and other techniques help employers to find the right candidates for their open positions. Several speakers at the conference predicted that talent intelligence, which uses data to find and select the right candidates, will emerge as the next big thing in talent acquisition.


Improving the candidate experience

Analysts and experts agree that there’s a growing need to simplify the candidate experience. Employers need to offer candidates a seamless experience: from discovering the job post to completing the application, participating in interviews, hiring procedures and onboarding, the process new hires go through should feel simple and unified. Many presenters stated that organizations are not focusing on the candidate enough. Employers need to get in front of candidates in the places where they look for jobs and better understand how they look for jobs—which often means a short application process that can be easily done on a mobile device.


Many of our clients have already begun rethinking the way they source qualified candidates—I’m looking forward to seeing even more growth in this area in the coming months.


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